DIASyM | Data-Independent Acquisition-based Systems Medicine

Mass spectrometry for high-throughput deep phenotyping of the heart failure syndrome

The Mainz research core "Data-Independent Acquisition-based Systems Medicine: Mass spectrometry for high-throughput deep phenotyping of the heart failure syndrome" (DIASyM) is located at the University Medical Center and the Johannes Gutenberg University. The multidisciplinary consortium combines research groups with expertise in mass spectrometry, systems medicine and (bio)informatics. DIASyM develops novel methods and workflows that include all steps from sample preparation to data analysis: These findings will be used in a systems medicine-based approach to gain a deeper understanding of the pathomechanisms underlying heart failure and will be used for clinical translation.

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University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz

Institute for Immunology and Center of Cardiology, Preventive Cardiology and Medical Prevention
Langenbeckstr. 1
55131 Mainz

Kick-off meeting of DIASyM-2

The kick-off meeting of DIASyM-2 took place on the 14th of July in the Biozentrum I of the Johannes-Gutenberg University Mainz. DIASyM Research Core members gathered to share the latest results from …
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Weekly seminar in DIASyM Research Core

To improve the scientific communication between the members of the DIASyM research core, we have established a weekly seminar in which the junior members present their results and share their …
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Computational Systems Medicine and …

Starting in Summer 2022, Jun.-Prof. Elisa Araldi and Jun.-Prof. Thierry Schmidlin joined the DIASyM research core and started their junior research groups in Computational Systems Medicine and …
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